Our Objective: Protection of the Species

The backbone of protection means well-trained, well-motivated, and well-equipped anti-poaching rangers in the field as a deterrent to poachers. We aim to achieve this without a single shot being fired. However, given that more than 1,000 park rangers worldwide have lost their lives in the line of duty in the past decade, it is vital that specialized military style training and suitable equipment become integrated into our protective response. Apart from hi-tech equipment, planes, choppers, and drones, the additional use of dogs and horses can add to an effective force in meeting the poaching threat. It’s up to us to work together on a global scale to ensure that wildlife species are protected and thrive in their natural environment.

In South Africa, rhino poaching has escalated by more than 9,000% since 2007. Poachers are well-armed and are increasingly supported and funded by criminal networks. Anti-poaching rangers, and the tools at their disposal, really do form the last line of defense for rhinos. They are frequently outgunned and thus it is critical that we provide support for ranger training and equipment.